About the Shutl Tech Blog

Here we’ll share our learning and passions about the technology we use, agile methodologies, Shutl, and simply cool stuff we like and want to write about.  We’re also of course interested to start conversations with the tech community and continue to give back to it as well as learn from it, so please share your thoughts with us!

The Shutl development team is a smorgasbord/hybrid/amalgam/melange/patchwork quilt/potpourri(take your pick) of personalities, nationalities, technologies, and interests.  We’ve got mountain bikers, metal singers, marathon runners, kickass bakers, hopeful harp players, avid gamers, and even Northerners.

We put our skills to good use and get to see our work in action by building and refining a product that is tangible and real.  We love hearing our customers’ feedback and are excited about being able to plug into a large company with a huge user base and lots of potential to make an impact.


The engineering team, in all their glory. September 2014.

About Shutl

Shutl is revolutionising delivery by enabling customers to get what they want when they want it.

Shutl, the platform that gives people control over their deliveries, is disrupting online and instore retailing by aggregating availability across a network of local delivery firms nationwide. This means that local deliveries can be made – in as little as 90 minutes or at preferred one hour time slot – at a cost that is comparative to standard delivery prices. Shutl is available from leading retailers across the UK including Hotel Chocolat, Maplin, Schuh and Superdrug.